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Special pipe coating

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Fire protection

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Thermal metal-spray coating

The application of thermal metal-spray coats is doubtlessly one of the highest-quality procedures in industrial corrosion protection. We perform this work in zinc as well as aluminium with separate systems and cabins for the respective metal-spraying work.

Heat treatment

We conduct heat treatments in the temperature range from 200 to 1050 °C in a high-performance and extraordinarily precise bogie hearth furnace subject to regular TÜV monitoring.

Parts with up to 50 t unit weight can be processed to any specifications and temperature sequences. The requirements according to AD-leaflet HP 7/1-3 are met.

Grit blasting

We conduct grit blasting in any desired standard cleanliness degree, both with metallic and non-metallic blasting agents.

Best cleaning and preparation of steel surfaces to be protected takes place through grit blasting purs. To DIN EN ISO 12944.

Our various blasting systems achieve any desired standard cleanliness degree. NF metal surfaces are processed with glass beads or other ferrite-free blasting agents for cleaning and surface modification – according to our customers' wishes.

Thermal metal-spray coating

We can apply components of any geometry and size with layers of pure zinc (spray zinc-plating) and aluminium (TSA = Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) in the thermal metal spraying procedure (arc and flame-spraying procedure).

Our quality meets the highest demands and international provisions, such as DIN EN 2063 and Norsok M-501.