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Special pipe coating

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Coating is our core business. As a modern service provider, we have much more to offer to our customers than mere coating of parts. Our customers will find a full-service package here, so that they can focus on their own core business.


We or our partners will gladly help you with any logistics matters. From storage on call, safe transport or completion of the export formalities – we will take care of your industrial goods from professional packaging to delivery to the destination or the desired overseas harbour. Thanks to a dedicated train connection and dedicated shunting locomotive, loading on wagons is easily possible here. We ensure the safety of your goods.

Customs processing

We will gladly support you in export processing, including customs handling for export, to match your needs.

Industrial packaging

All who send out their valuable industrial goods want to be able to rely on safe protection during transport and storage. Trust in our reliability and experience in packing parts. We will protect your assets.

Carefully produced industrial goods often go on a long trip to their destinations. During the transport by road, rail, air or water, during storage and reloading, they are exposed to a risk of damage, negative influences and climate stress. Protection requires professional packaging in harmony with the corresponding provisions and directives.

From "S" to "XXL"

Your components are securely packed by us with a high level of responsibility and quality – no matter how small or large the parts are.

Whether you need bundling in saddles, a carriage, a crate or a closed, load-bearing box: we will flexibly adjust to your wishes and produce both cost-efficient simple solutions and most demanding packagings subject to professional conditions.

Mobile use

If necessary, we will gladly visit your site and perform packaging work in your premises.

Non-destructive testing

Together with our partners, we perform the following non-destructive tests for you: grinding patterns, manual ultrasound testing (MUT), automatic ultrasound testing (AUT), magnetic particle testing, dye penetration testing, wall thickness testing, X-ray testing, hardness testing and visual inspections.


We will gladly provide our internal technical developments to our customers. This includes our flame spraying and peeling systems alike. We offer the benefit that our systems are not only designed at the desk, but built by practicians with many years of experience. Just contact us.